Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Argh, you're not making it any easier!

I shake my fist in the air. It's raining.

Normally, I couldn't care less whether the weather was cold, or whether the weather was hot, or whether the weather was fair, or whether the weather was not. I'd weather whatever the weather, whether I liked it or not.

Or so the tongue twister goes...

Here's the thing. I have to go out today at noon and pound the pavement to local food places, trying to get them to donate free foodstuffs to our film so that our crew and cast won't starve.

And it's raining.

Argh! I can't believe it. It was so nice yesterday, and now I am less than 18 minutes away from going out into the rain to do something that I absolutely hate doing anyway! It's friggin' ridiculous.

Anyway, I'm definately back into the swing of things here, and for the most part I think that I am keeping on top of most everything that's been going on around me. Yeah, but I honestly can't wait for Christmas, I can't wait to fly down to VA and chill out with my family and friends. It's gonna be so sweet.

So last night I left the window open all night, slept without any covers on in nothing but my boxer-briefs, and I still woke up in the middle of the night being opressed by heat. Tonight I was cold enough that I had to use a blanket and the room was actually quite cold.

My life can be so trivial and retarded, and yet, at the time so serious. Later, I'm off into the cold.

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Anonymous said...

It's awesome that you have something to look forward to returning to. Frankly, I'm much more at home here at Emerson than I ever was back on long island. I'm actually dreading the break (except for the whole no schoolwork thing.) I'm jealous haha

-John Avino

P.S. we need to get our comedy troop going!