Friday, November 26, 2004

The Day After...

MMMM, Thanksgiving food is SOOO good. I can't believe it. I really didn't even eat that much of the actual meal, because Maxx's mom had so many appetizers out that I was munching on. Anyway, needless to say, the meal was great and Maxx had a TON of folks over at his house. Interestingly enough, Maxx's mom pobably had more friends than family over. It was really funny because one of the guests was names Gino, and he used to sing with "The Platters" It was really funny, because everyone kept mentioning it, and when he sang it was good, but he was singing unnessicerily load with a karaoke machine.

Anyways, I had a great time with Maxx, and at about 9pm he brought me over to Tanners house. We stayed up until about 2am talking and catching up. It was a whole lot of fun. Today we got up around 1pm (Tanner actually didn't get up until about 2pm.) I ate a bunch of cut up veggies that Tanner had in his fridge, checked my mail, and started sorting through some of the stuff in my closet to get the things that I needed to bring with me back to Boston. (Software, computer parts, DVD's, Suitcase)

Then Tanner got up, showered, and then we both walked around his livingroom BLASTING James Taylor, Rent, and Eve8, singing in the wonderfully acoustic space. It was great. I realized that I really was working myself really hard while at school, and was not able to really be myself, because I don't have any family or close friends at school (at least not yet). Hopefully I won't get too sad when I have to go back to the grindstone.

I called school "the grindstone". That's not nessiceraly a good thing, because I am supposed to like what I am going to school for... But I don't feel like analyzing my thoughts right now, I just wanted to let you know what was up.

Anyway, Tanner and I played some Mario Kart for Nintendo Gamecube, then we called my old frien, Lee. What a guy. Anyway, he came over, we played more games, and then we went over to Pizza Hut on Minot Ave, to participate in an age old tradition--sharing a big New Yorker Pizza. Well, there are a couple of things wrong with this picture, number one; Tanner is disgusting and consumes an entire 16inch pizza ON HIS OWN. So only Lee and I actually share, and number two; Pizza Hut no longer sells The Big New Yorker. Instead they have a new 16inch pizza called "the Full House" or something like that. It's not bad, tasting very similar to the Big New Yorker, but still, it's sad to lose an old favorite.

I bought the whole pizza to celebrate because Lee told me he will have his diploma by next September. I am very glad to hear it. I don't care if he goes to college or not... college isn't for everyone. But I was very upset when I heard Lee hadn't graduated. But he is not going to give up, and I am very pleased with that.

So we enjoyed our Pizza, sharing stories, laughing and talking like always. It was great. And I realized that I was home. Please don't take offense Virginia people, you are my home too. I have two homes, and I love each one.

So anyway, on a side note, I was given permission by Dori, Tanner's Stepmom, to drive the enormous Dodge Quad Cab truck with a Hemi V8 engine.... Whoa. Hot.

I can definately see why people want enourmous SUV's after driving that beastly thing. But still, when I think about the intitial price tag, coupled with the gas bill, I don't have the desire any more.

Well, I think that's a substantial post for today. Have a great night. I'm going to go to JC Penny's tommorow and get some things for school.

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