Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The First One Hundred Feet

I got my film back from the lab. The first one hundred feet of film I've ever shot.

And it was so exciting that I couldn't wait until tommorow to watch it, I went on a quest to find a projector to watch my first film! After wandering around the Ansin Building, Joe and I finally admitted defeat, settling for the projector in the Film Equipment Center which is used for video transfer. This meant that we watched the footage on a tv, which was too bad, but it was still awesome.

Watching film that you shot is sooooo cool. Everything just looks... well, cleaner, more beautiful. And even dispite some of my mistakes (not making sure the pressure plate was completely forward, accidently setting the single frame mode on the camera to "T" instead of "I" which means that the shutter on the camera stayed open as long as I held the button down, which cause that shot to be mega over-exposed.) I still had a visually compelling composition. I will try to get it up online as soon as possible, but I'll have to do a video transfer, and I don't know when that will happen.

Second, and more disturbing order of business: A man died on the Boston Common today.

I had seen him laying in the grass about 4-4:30pm, stomach down in front of a wheelchair, and then at about 7pm, medical personnel were coving his body in a sheet and driving him to the morgue. Joe told me that he had seen him alive that morning around 11am.

It's not the fact that he died that disturbed me. It's the fact that he sat rotting in the grass for 3 hours or so before someone noticed.

They left the wheelchair behind. It's still sitting in the grass right now. I wonder who will take it? Will they know the reason for it's abandonment? Who knows.


JPizzle said...

Another exciting thoughtful post Ez.

Anonymous said...

can we say... thoughtful insight for the day? Oddly enough i just finished reading katie's blog which is a short story that also leaves an unanswered question to think about.... 3 hours huh, nice to know your loved.