Thursday, August 11, 2005

So I've Got Poison Ivy

Isn't that Frickin' GREAT? I thought so, especially since I can't let it heal, as I have to wear clothes to work and the clothes chafe and irritate the rash.

Awesome. Just AMAZING.

I'm working in Union Maine and the Maine Antiques Show, which should be really hard and diffucult and my poision Ivy should be awesome, but I'm screwed.

I'm sorry that I'm not making any sense. I just am really pissed that this had to happen now. I mean, honestly. I have no idea. Why on in June when all I did was sit around the house? Why now? I think I got it from sitting in the grass on the edge of the parking lot near work. I think I sat on a leaf of it or something, because it appears that there was some poison Ivy nearby. Or if there wasn't, I sure don't know where I got it!

Anyway, I'm annoyed and frustrated and am praying that it will clear up as fast as possible. Please pray for me too. I need this to go away so I won't be MISERABLE.

Thanks, hope all is well with everyone.


J-Pizzle said...

Nah, don't worry about it - it builds character. It's good for you.

katier said...

how do you know it's posion ivy, and I'm really sooo sorry.