Thursday, April 29, 2010

Immigration Commentary

It's very easy to get sucked into vitriolic debate regarding immigration. I can't afford my sanity, so here is all I'm going to say:

People don't hate illegal immigrants, they hate POOR PEOPLE (real or perceived).

As illegal immigrants from Latin and South America are typically poor (or perceived as poor), people want them gone. We've been taught that poverty breeds crime, vagrancy, homelessness and decay. Sadly, poverty and racism are very close cousins, as people and employers know when someone is illegal, they can't complain if they get less than minimum wage. They have no rights. And so they know they can get away with wage slavery.

Illegal immigration is bad for the immigrants and the American people, but so is AZ's new bill.

I hope and pray we can find a solution that slows/stop illegal immigration without infringing on the rights of our fellow Citizens civil rights.

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