Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What Happens When You Take 3 Weeks to Write A Post

I think that when you write a blog, the "Title" box should be below the entry. I mean, many times I want to blog but I don't know what direction the entry is going to take--I'd rather sit down and let my fingers become one with the keyboard and just let my thoughts flow forth in all their random glory. And then see if there is anything meaningful in it. [EDIT: You can now see from the title why this opening paragraph makes sense to me]

Which many times there isn't, but people who care about me seem to still appreciate reading my words to feel comfort that I'm still indeed, alive, and not a false internet persona being perpetuated by disturbed trolls working under the guise that I'm important enough to convince the world that I'm still alive.

(I am still alive.)

What has been going on otherwise? Well, my boyfriend and I have had two very very different and very awesome weekends.

A few weekends ago we stayed in LA and did very domestic things--shopping, cleaning, cooking dinner together and just being a couple. It was very nice because we've been together for 15 months now and we still just enjoy each others company.

Then Easter weekend, while I was still at work, I started getting communiqué's from all sides--texts, IM's facebook pokes--about Wil having a great idea he wanted to share with me.


And somehow, I found myself released from work early, at about 3:30pm, to rush home (Wil had already spent much of the day tidying the apartment so we wouldn't leave a mess for our roommates) and pack for the 5 hour drive to Las Vegas.

It was so crazy to realize that we are both successful enough before 30 that we can just randomly decide to go to Vegas and have a weekend there. Wil got us an amazing room with the most fantastic view of the Bellagio fountains, and we spent our day relaxing in the room, eating McDonalds and Todd English in the same day.

Oh, and we went to the spa, used the dry sauna, the steam room, and the hot tub, and then Wil sprung for a couples massage... it was incredible.

We must have looked so cute because on the drive home, we passed a red convertible with four cute gay guys in it. They looked at us (it was clear we were gay and a couple by our HRC and No on Prop 8 Bumper sticker) and smiled, and kept looking. It was fun.

The humorous thing was that we lost sight of them outside of Vegas but when we got into LA, they had caught up to us and waved again. ;)

It took me weeks to write this entry. Perhaps I need to realize that blogging is something timely and topical and that I should try not to put off my updates so often.


MoHoHawaii said...

Thanks for the update! It sounds like you're really happy. Go for it!

Officer X said...

Busted! Nice catch, Ezra. Near North Hollywood, not in it. Glad you're still here and still reading. Officer X.