Thursday, November 29, 2012

The NEW "HOT" (High-Occupancy Toll) Lanes on the 110 Freeway Cause Drivers to Bristle (But WHY?)

I've been arguing in the comments section of the article below, and it's exhausting.

12,297 Tickets Are Being Sent Out Because Of Those New Toll Lanes

I'm always amazed at how entitled drivers are about the new 110 "HOT" *(high-occupancy/toll) lanes. This is not double taxation. It's not a scam. It's not nickel-and-dime program. It's not going to "fail" like the red-light cameras. Why? Because the system allows road users to prioritize their lives with what they have more of—time, or money. Carpools are still free, you just have to spend a minute filling out the form on the website and "buy" the transponder for $40 dollars... which all goes onto the account for use as tolls. Therefore, the transponder is technically no charge.

Highways are NOT fully paid for by the gasoline tax, which is GROSSLY inadequate and has not been raised in 20+ years. Considering inflation, the tax accomplishes considerably LESS then it did back then, and should be at least doubled or tripled in order to actually generate enough revenue to put the Hig
hway Fund in the black... it's constantly being bailed out with taxes from the General Fund--which are taxes paid by all citizens, not just drivers... so who's really getting the free ride here? Motorists.

I'm happy that this is happening, because previously I was without choice when faced with a congested highway, but now, even as a single rider, I can choose to spend two different resources--money or time--depending on which one I have more or value less at that moment.

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