Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Meter Maid Has It In For Me

I live in Lewiston, ME, a town of on street parking and parking garages. I live in the heart of downtown, where the time limit for free parking is one hour. Either that or I park in a garage for 75 cents an hour. Instead of paying, I move my car to a new space every hour, on the hour, and consequently do not get ticketed.

However, one day I parked at a metered space to go apply for a job with Bonney Staffing. The meter had fifteen minutes on it, and since it only took quarters, not dimes or nickels, I deceided to go in and if nessicery, return to the meter and add a quarter. I noted the time and went in. As I was filling out the form, I noticed that the fifteen minutes was up. So I went back to the car and found a ticket had been placed there.... only about 90 seconds before I had gotten there. In fact, the meter maid was about two cars up, writing another ticket.

I am convinced that due to the sheer coincidence required for her to appear at the precise moment when my meter expired, I believe that she saw my vehicle, which had been skirting her lethal ticket pad for almost a week, and noticed that there were just a few minutes left on the meter, and so therefore, she WAITED for it to expire and then wrote the ticket, which is why it was timed as the same minute I had estimated for the meter to run out.

Anyway, I still haven't found a job, but it's only been one week, and I definately haven't exhausted all of my options yet, so hopefully I will find something to my pay satisfaction soon.

It's Saturday and Tanner's girlfriend Nancy is coming up from Mass. So I'll probably be trying to stay out of their way, so that they have some "alone time". Since Tanner's not going to school with her at University of Maine, Farmington, they don't get to see eachother much anymore.

I saw Phil from GFTV yesterday, and talked with him for about 2 hours, and it was great fun. We've got some stuff in the works for this summer, like doing a three camera truck shoot.

Also, Tanner's family moved their weight lifting machine into the hall, so I am starting to lift weights every day, so hopefully I will be nice and buff. I just started, so hopefully I will be able to keep it up. I'm not doing anything strenuous yet, as I'm still trying to figure out how I can make it work best for me.

I will try harder to update everyday! Later!


J-Pizzle said...

Tickets, of any kind - suck big time ass. Especially tickets from Staties. Although once I got a parking ticket for parking my car in front of my own house. Pretty lame. I think my dad ended up talking to our buddy, cheif of Police Tommy Hutton, and having him just get rid of it - as it was stupid.

Also... the prospect of a buff Ezra is inspiring (although you already walk faster than everyone else, its not like you're out of shape) and... that kinda puts the nix on "Fattitude 2: The Search For The Monte Cristo"

katier said...

evil ticket ladies are scary. but you'll manage. Good luck with the job hunting...

oh, and shouldn't it be "Fattitude 2: The Search for the Monte 'Crisco' " ??
I love you Ezra