Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Work! The Movie!

So I finally got some temp work. Adecco called me yesterday afternoon and told me that they had a position available. Huzzah! About time I say. Anyway, the job would last two days at Southern Maine Medical Center, upgrading some medication dispensing equipment made by "Pyxis" (definition: a small box used by ancient Greeks to hold medicines.) It wasn't hard, and I enjoyed working with the people there, even though I don't like hospitals in the least.

Oh, and a humorous side note, one of my co-workers was a dark skinned man with the last name "Hussein". Just a little humorous if you ask me. Although I feel bad. It would be like being named Hitler or something--it would suck to be ashamed of your heritage because of one colossal douchebag.

In other news, I go back tommorow, and then I guess its the waiting game again. Although I am keeping very busy, trying not to waste my spare time. For example, I'm voulenteering at Great Falls TV again, writing more, getting more music/organizing my files, editing Sarah's video, trying to learn Adobe After-Effects, and of course, working out some.

I'm going to go Kart-it-up (Play Mario Kart for Gamecube) before I go to bed for the night, so I'll post more later. Adios!


J-Pizzle said...

Oooh... what kind of music you downloading and/or organizing?

(Also, make sure your collection 128 kps, 44.1 mhz, and within 1.5 dB or 90 db, and properly captalized and punuacted - otherwise, you have failed, I'm sorry.)

... on another note, I wish I could play Mario Kart... friggin' bastards stole my copy.

John said...

I made a really good friend in football who's last name was Castro. His first name escapes me but I know it wasn't Fidel. If it had been Fidel, then hooey would that be weird! Maybe it was Manuel? I dunno. Have fun with Hussein!...I'm pretty sure it was Manuel.