Saturday, October 29, 2005

Editing Again!

I'm editing sound to the previous film that I edited picture for. It should be fantastic. I'm a little annoyed because I have editing that I need to do and they told me that the EDC was going to be open at 9am, but it's actually open at 10am, so I have to kill some time in the Emerson Channel Office. It's okay though, because I have been listening to the latest edition of the Fred Freddy Podcast, a internet radio show hosted by fellow Emerson student Fred Young. It is a hoot and a holler, so you should check it out.... or not, because it's mostly only relevant to Emerson Students. But I digress.

This should be an interesting time, and I'll tell you how the editing goes. I've never edited sound on mag-stock before (literally splicing the tape together to make your soundtrack) and it should be fun.

At 2:30 I'm meeting with the Missionaries and going to talk with William a fellow Emerson Student who is investigating the church. It should be pretty fun, and I'll try to let you know how that goes too.

In the mean time, you can visit My Webshots and check out some cool pics. (Eventually I will add many more and place this link permanently in the sidebar of my blog, but until then, just check it out!

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J-Pizzle said...

I'm not sure if its you, or crappy Webshots (which by the way sucks hairy balls, as you'll discover - but its still the lesser of all the internet picture evils) - but like 1/2 of your albums don't actually have pictures.

Plus, you posted the Red Line Adventures one many times in an effort to get it to work.