Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Morning Wake Up Call

I have a very special wake up call here at my apartment. At 7am each morning, I'm awoken by three unique sounds, all within 60 seconds of each other.

These sounds are:

1. A jetliner taking off from Burbank airport

2. My clock-radio kicking on KRTH 101, with DJ's doing the station break

3. My G5 automatically turning on, which makes the fans spin up like a wind turbine while it initially boots.

The great thing about this is that it is such a unique combination of sounds that if they don't all happen very close together, I know something isn't right, and I can continue to sleep... ;) Not that that's ever happened.

A humerous thing happened this morning though, because when the radio kicked on, DJ Gary Bryan said it was time for "Tuesday Trivia" or something like that. For a moment I wondered--am I in a time warp? Last night it was Wednesday, and now it's Tuesday? The days are going backwards! Is Stupendous Man responsible for this? Did Calvin have an assignment due on Thursday?

After a song, Gary came back on and without mentioning his previous mistake (a good radio personality should always ignore his mistakes--listeners will generally assume they mis-heard.) said that it was "Thursday Trivia".

Not that great of a story, I realize.

On to something a little more serious.

The old man who I home teach has passed on. When we last visited him, he was doing really poorly, and I had a feeling he had not much time left. He was rail thin, his lip and jaw had gotten so bad he could not talk. I had brought the message--a message about Death, and how for some it is an enemy, but for those who are suffering, it can be a liberator, bringing them home to their father. I told him that I admire him for his efforts to endure to the end, and his courage.

I could see something in his eyes--I could almost tell then and there that this message was especially for him, because he knew it too.

He's whole now, and that's very comforting.

Anyway, I've got to go make my breakfast and pack my lunch. Take care, everyone.

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