Thursday, August 14, 2008

You're Sad and You're Sorry, But You're Not Ashamed

Lots and lots of food for thought lately. I'm Journaling about 2 pages a day on average, trying to understand my thought processes and learn what it is I really want during this time on earth.

Naturally, I'm writing more in my journal because it's far more personal, and unlike this weblog, I feel completely free in writing whats on my mind.

It's tough to write an entry for public consumption sometimes, because you never know who's going to be reading it, and people don't know your whole backstory. In a journal, you are the reader and the writer, you don't always have to explain the back story, the motivations, the minutia of the tale.

What's the point of this entry?

Not sure, really, but I felt like giving you something a little bit more after yesterday's two goofy short posts.

John N. is going to come out to California on Labor Day weekend! I'm so excited to see him! It's been since Christmas, and he really is a dear friend. We'll have a grand old time.

In a few days, another dear friend will be leaving for 2 weeks, and that'll be sad.

Anyway, I'll have to jet--the morning commute awaits.


Jonny Paula said...

That is specifically why I comment often, just to give you a heads-up reminder that I have read and approved of your message.

Maybe set up a private blog for just a few, the proud, the marines? ... ok, well just the few I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Well that was baiting.... who is the dear friend who is leaving?
do tell quick ... before I asphyxia from curiosity.