Thursday, March 31, 2005

Super Quick Update

Hey everyone, it's about one in the morning and I've been running STRAIGHT for 3 DAYS. I'm so tired. Perfect time to post, right? Right. So I'll make it quick to reassure you that I am not dead.

Okay, I'm doing EVERYTHING this week. Don't ask me why, but everything is happening in this ONE WEEK. SERIOUSLY. I'm doing everything I normally do, PLUS Campus Movie Fest, a competition where you have to plan, shoot and edit a 5 minute or less movie in FIVE DAYS, (I am Senior Producer and one of the lead roles), Evvy AD-walk to raise money for EVVY awards, all my shows, (speechless, ladies room, 2 episodes of gentleman's club), radio show, general conference, speechess voice overs, editing a 2-3 minute package for the ladies room, attending all my classes, shooting in every possible minute, OH MY GOSH I'M GOING TO EXPLODE. The point is, by monday I may be dead.

Just as a note though, we have an EXCELLENT shot at winning campus movie fest and having it shown in an IMAX theatre, AND win an Ipod shuffle. Our movie is coming out great. I will post a link to a low-res version when it is done. (By Saturday at Midnight).

Well that was a little longer than intended, but oh well, TTYL ;)


Anonymous said...

We want copies of everything!!!
Don't you dare drop dead-I'll have to kill you if you do! And I'd have to clean up your mess! AND I bet you don't have a will,who gets the legos? the phones? ME ME MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Glad you are having a good time.

katier said...

Speaking of the eject on our camera still broken? If so do you have to unscrew it to get it out? Also do you care about old wedding footage and 'A small good thing' stock? Because I'd like to do some stuff and that's the video that's in there now...*shrugs* I love you and hope you're having fun.