Monday, April 04, 2005


Hey guys, I made a movie for CampusMovieFest with a group of friends. Please check out our movie "Fattitude" and leave a comment with what you think.

Just as a note, we had to keep it under 5 minutes to be eligable to win. I'll know the winners by Saturday.

More later.


TRL said...

Everything from the music, the shots the editing, everything was solid. Well done Ezra! Thanks for sending me the link!

Megan said...

Oh gosh! Katie told me about it when you had first started to film last week, and the images in my mind cracked me up to no end. Can't wait to see it for real (ghetto computer). Well, I hope all is well. Love ya!

John said...

That was one flippin sweet vid, though I think you should learn to hold your beverages....and keep your shirt on.
Awesome lines, camera angles, music, etc. I hope you win!