Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sunday Morning Radio... Not Happening.

So anyway, we went to campus movie night at emerson college, and it all turned out pretty well, even though we didn't place. We were in the top 14 and were screened, and the audience reactions were awesome. (We had lots of people approach us afterwards and tell us how great they thought it was) Also, we had almost constant laughter, in fact, it almost became a problem, because people couldn't hear all of the lines, since the movie didn't have enough time to breathe very well. If you'd like to so the movie, click here: Fattitude

So WECB, the radio (not really radio, more like TV radio, since no radio can pick up the stations ultra weak signal.) is not working. I checked out everything I could, but it isn't working. I don't know what's wrong, but I do know that it won't be fixed until monday, because the engineer won't be able to come in until then. So we came down to the station anyway to fool around and practice with the computer and maybe see if we could figure out the problem. When I came down we found what looked like the remenants of some catered food with a few cans of soda. The stuff looked really old, so I figured that I could take a drink, and just as I did, I got glared down by some girl who had walked out of the office. She accused me of stealing (which I really was, when you think about it) and I said I was sorry and that I thought they were for everbody. It turns out they were for people at WERS, the big, important station at Emerson who where working on the pledge drive to earn money for the station. So I offered to answer some phones for a while in order to appease her. Funny thing, guilt. So there are no people calling in because it's the middle of the night, and I decided to kill some time while making this long overdue post to my weblog.

So, to sum up: we didn't place 1-3 at CMF, no radio show this week, and I am a sucker about feeling guilty.

That works for me.

Dan brought up his friend from NYU named Susie (Suzie?) I dunno. Anyway, she seems pretty clued in and nice, though a little too much like Dan in personality to be really cool with for long periods of time. Thats all good though.

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