Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Last Time I Sit Master Control!

This may very well be the last time that I sit in Master Control babysitting Good Morning Emerson. I sure hope so. It's not that this is such a bad job, but I just don't want to do it anymore. No skill is involved and it's very thankless. I am complaining, yes, but I don't do it often.

But don't fear that because I am no longer bored out of my mind watching electronic equipment function as it was programmed to function that my posts will come any slower. (Or faster, I guess.) But seriously, once I've got snots of boredom come down from the tops of my eyes during the summer, I will probably be back to undating more regularly.

The irony of course, is that in the summer my life isn't quite as interesting as it is during the academic year. Such is life, guess.

I've communicated with Mr. Stratford at Harrisonburg High School about our new TV Studio! It's awesome, and I will be helping put it all together in just 3 weeks or so. They've got some sweet sweet stuff.

Anyway, I hope to see everybody when I get down to VA! If you don't already have my e-mail or cell phone number, IM me or comment and I'll e-mail it to you! There are some many people I can't wait to see.

Back to Emerson College though. I've got the Evvy Awards show coming up in just 18 days! I'm going to be a camera operator on the afternoon show, and probably a grip or something on the evening show.

I have a lot of short paragraphs.

Perhaps it shows how flitty I am becoming. Who knows.

But seriously, I am going to have a great time, mostly because I will have a lot of time before the rehearsals begin. Boston is just getting into bloom. It's beautiful and starting to get warm enough for t-shirts an shorts.

I've got an open book final examination in 40 minutes, so I think I am going to go and read through my notes before class, so I'll be more prepared. Hopefully I'll not be too busy and will be able to keep you guys up to date.

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John said...

Hey Ez,
I know I've asked this like a hundred times, but remind me how long you're staying in H'burg again? Lookin forward to it!