Monday, January 31, 2005

Church, Common Room, Chatting

Well today I woke up at about Noon, and I got up, showered and ate a nice bagel and cream-cheese with some grapefruit juice for breakfast. Deliciously toasty.

Then I went upstairs, checked my e-mail got ready for church and left for Cambridge at 1:30pm. Dean and I hit the trains just right, so we got to church on time, and enjoyed a shortened church session, as the third hour was cancelled. The reason was because their was some sort of fireside starting at 4pm. I think it is bad form to pre-empt other peoples church with your event.

It was alright by me though, because I wanted to get home and started on my reading. As I walked back to the Harvard T stop, I enjoyed warm, bright sun on the snow. It was beautiful and comfortable. When I got back to the dorm, I changed, did some of my reading and popped downstairs to check in with my friends in Suite 724.

We chatted for a while in the common room of the suite, and I noted to my friends that they should really do something to spice up their common room. "This is the most undecorated, unlived-in common room on campus, you realize this don't you?"

So anyway, I went back upstairs and did some more reading, checking my e-mail and chatting with John P. from the 5th floor. Joe appears and tells me that he was "sent to fetch me" to get me to show me something.

They had decorated the common room with big black catering plates and smaller black plates, as well as put Jasons TV in the common room with an X-Box. Needless to say, we played Ball Monkey and Mario Kart on game cube long into the night, stopping only briefly for some Chunky Monkey Ice Cream.

What a glorious life, this staying up late. Except when I have to get up in the morning and I am kicking myself in the FACE.

P.S. After talking to Joe and Jonathan, I have decieded that two projects I would like to make in the future are a movie/short film about "your" town being nuked, and you not being able to do anything--a film which tries to capture that feeling of dread and fear before the end comes. Secondly, I want to make mock news reports which make fun of the "Is Your Child At Risk" sensational news media stories.

Wish me luck!


katier said...

Sounds like we really are connected..I've been having some movie ideas too! I actually came up with one while hanging with's a joke commercial about cheez'll have to see it. John might help me make it..well I hope you get your projects accoplished! I love you soooo much!
love always
your little sis,

Anonymous said...

Hey talk about depressing. I want to be in your film of dread! Please pick me!!! I am your sister after all, if not a great actress!