Friday, January 28, 2005

Fire Drill!

Ironically, the same day that Thad has a firedrill in his dorm (and as the RA gets to pull the fire alarm), Our 12 story dorm in the heart of Boston also was evacuated--and based on the rapidity with which we were let back into the building, I can only assume it was either a drill or an accidental triggering of the alarm.

Oh well, it's still rather interesting. I'm still up at almost 2 in the morning today, because I am downloading "Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story" from It's something we started to screen in Intro. To Media Production, where the creator used Barbie dolls to tell the story of Karen Carpenter (of The Carpenters musical group) and her issues with Anorexia. Quite a fitting body type if you've ever seen a Barbie. Apparently both Mattel AND the Carpenters sued to get the video stopped...but thanks to the internet, it lives on. I'd recommend watching it for a serious laugh. (And when I say serious I mean serious, it is a serious topic, but the fact that it's barbies is really funny at first) but since it is filmed in the same style the scene would have been filmed with real actors, you find yourself forgetting that they are dolls. It's weird.

So the other thing that I am doing is getting some files in order on the compy while that downloads, as well as collecting some songs that I don't have--like Whitesnake: Here I Go Again and Bleu: Sayonara. Basically some songs I've remembered that I should have.

Earlier this evening there was a Casino Night at the Tremont House Hotel, where you were given 50,000 dollars in chips (red chip=1,000; blue chip=5,000) and you got to play roulette, craps, texas hold'em, and of course, blackjack, until you either ran out of money, stopped, or the night came to a close. Anyway, I mostly played Blackjack, losing almost everything, earning up to 100,000 dollars, losing 30,000 on ONE GAME and then ending with a modest 20,000 dollars. (4 blue chips) Each 5,000 dollars was redeemable for one raffle ticket. I got 4, and of course, won nothing.

I guess that could be expected--but I had a good time!


John said...

Hey Ezra,
Remember the after prom party? Of course you do. That was some seriously fun gambling. We both got a car out of the deal too. The free stuff was practically thrown at us. Good times.

Anonymous said...

I had a fire drill today 2, or maybe it was last night. Worked out at the nursing home as the only aid... so ran back and forth all night. And at 6:30am this morning they (whoever they are) decide that it would be the perfect time to have a fire drill! Gee what wouldn't I give to wake up to screeching and flashing lights. So then I had to run around telling all those (who are with it still!) that they could go back to sleep it was just a drill.