Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Yeah. Okay, that's wierd.

So I was browsing the network for cool music, and I decided to do a search for "Ezra" just for fun.

Obviously I got the obligatory "Better Than Ezra" hits, but one result startled me--It said "rupert and weston - ezra". What could this possibly be? Out of curiosity, I downloaded it and listened to it. It was hilarious! It was funny because the sound quality bit and they were always off key!

Obviously you want to hear the song, so here it is:

Rupert and Weston - Ezra
Dial-Up Recommended:
0:30 Second Clip
High-Speed Recommended:
3:40 Full Track

So it turns out that the song was recorded by a musician at Emerson, and I wanted to know if I had anything to do with the creation of this song. So I IMed him and he told me that it was based of a poem he wrote to emulate Ezra Pound. Hence it was "[His] Best Ezra Poem is that: / Some kids like to wear it / but you don't seem the kind" The second verse is the one you heard in the 30sec clip "if love was in a bucket / you'd be the first to look"


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John said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Break it down now! Wow, that song is like a punch in the throat. Especially when there's the two singers at the same time. I wonder if it was intentional to be so bad. Who is Ezra Pound by the way? TTYL.