Wednesday, January 26, 2005

RSS Feed?

I've heard of this type of thing do I set up a feed? Where do I get an account? Any recommendations?

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TRL said...

What exactly do you want to do with a feed? You automatically have an atom .xml feed published with your blogger that lists everything on the site. For your site the address is: it is automatically updated. RSS stands for Rich Site Summary what this means is that it's just the information updated in the posts without the fun web design. I use Bloglines which is a "integrated service for searching, subscribing, publishing and sharing news feeds, blogs, and rich Web content" using RSS feeds. I check 59 feeds with it and manage my blogroll that appears in my right sidebar on my website through Bloglines. ( I don't understand your question "How do I set up a feed?" because as I've mentioned you already have a feed setup.

As for where to get an account, I would ask you what you intend to do, read and view feeds or publish a feed, if it's the first bloglines is a great place to start; if it's publish a feed then I'd suggest researching more about RSS feeds, but as I've mentioned Blogger has a setting that lets you publish a feed, which is by default activated.