Friday, January 21, 2005

I'm Friggin' Awesome

I don't know why I titled that post that way, it was just the way I felt like titling it.

Anyway, today was pretty dull, mostly because (as I said) things have not yet gotten rolling along. It's only the first few days of classes, so most of the clubs have yet to begin meeting, etc. So I've been left to fiddle around on the computer, the omni-present distractor. Now I have turned on the Emerson Channel to watch "Anchorman" as it is airing and I have heard that it is a funny movie.

Other than that, I have been looking around at fantasizing about what I would buy for my computer if I could really afford it. Oh man, the little accessories I would buy!

I'll try to keep posting, but right now, like I said, nothing has happened yet.

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