Saturday, February 12, 2005

Jake and Ezra visit Bunka' Hill!

Well, I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while, but like always, I have be B-U-S-Y!

So anyway, I was chatting on AIM with Jake Sasseville, and I said he should come up for a visit. About a week later he arrived on the Chinatown bus from New York. He arrived thursday the tenth, and I showed him around campus and he followed me into the control room to watch what I do on the shows and to see more closely how the shows are actually produced.

As 'talent,' he doesn't have to worry too much about the technical stuff but he wants to make sure he understands everyone's job. Which I think is good.

So anyway, today we both work up around 11:30am, ate brunch, and took the T over to "Community College" on the Orange line, to visit the Bunker Hill Monument. Now, the last time I visited the monument was in the 6th grade. I am kinda suprised that I've been in Boston for so long already and haven't visited it. Anyway, we hiked up the 294 steps (only stopping at 125 (about 90 seconds) and 250 (about 10 seconds). I was actually suprised that I did it--but Jake pushed me. But don't push him! He's very sensitive about his personal space and having his coat touched our pulled on.

The view was amazing. After we got down (and interestingly enough, going down is also hard because you have to resist falling over and tumbling to your (and everyone else below you) doom. I compared the 1700's maps to the current landforms, and it's amazing how much they have filled in with dirt! The prudential center is in the middle of the old "Back Bay". Amazing.

So at the bottom of the monument, we sat and chatted for a few minutes, and I saw some missionaries, so I hollared over to them and we talked for a while. Elder Thorn and Elder Jones.... I don't know about Jones. I can't remember honestly. But there was an Elder Thorn. They were missionaries from the Longfellow Park Second Ward. (They meet before us in the same chapel in Cambridge) One was from California and the other from Salt Lake City. We had a nice chat and went our seperate ways, as Jake and I had decided to walk back to Emerson from there and he would then hop the 4pm bus back to New York City.

All in all it was a good experience, and a fun time, but I am really tired and there is only so much of him I can take at once--it's always been that way.

So tonight I realized that I only had two meals left this week, and I wanted them both for Sunday, so I decided to get Chinese food from a restaurant called "Shang Hi Restaurant" just around the corner from the dorm. I got General Gau's Chicken. Aparently this General had many names because I've also heard the same reciepe called General Cho's (pronounced ch-o (long o)) chicken or general CHOW's chicken (I don't know how it supposed to be spelled. Anyway, it was great and it only cost about $6.25)

So now I'm up in my room killing time before my midnight radio show on WECB! It's called "After Midnight" but we just started calling it that. It used to be "Secret Layer: Delving Deeper into Music" Oh well, too bad the internet streaming doesn't work. :(



Anonymous said...

Hey, Sugah,
I am so glad that you didnn't tumble down that hill. And the food was good, and the Elders cool. Like you!
xxoo T

katier said...

um? Bunker hill? pusha! Try doing Timpanogos Cave and then you'll have something to talk about!
I still love you

Anonymous said...

Hey don't be dissin Bunker Hill, that's quite a climb both going up and down, I know I've done it.

With that said though, Timpanogos Cave is much more strenuous. Albiet, it does have a slighty more rewarding view at the top. But at least when I hiked in the tower it was in the shade but the path up to Timpanogos was all in the sun and hot.

Yeah... I've run out of things to ramble on about. I suppose I should do some ravings then!

Your all lazy and need to get more excercize so you can climb to top of the empire state building in 10 minutes without breaking a sweat, and then jump all the way to Angel's landing in Zion and climb down there.