Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Secret Spying System... Spies are SCARY!

Anyway, I was walking out of the Little building Sunday night to head over to the Emerson Channel to finish editing the Lion King Package for Tuesday's GME. As I walked towards the vestibule, I was stopped by Elie. He asked me if I had a minute and I told him that I could. He proceeded to tell me that he had been in a meeting with Pete Chvany the other day and my name came up--and that he thought I should really go introduce myself.

I said, sure I'll do that tommorow.

So the next day I wandered to the 8th floor of the Ansin Building and 'bumped into' Pete, so that I could introduce myself. I think we talked for about an hour.

My head has been a whirlwind ever since. I don't know what to think about eveything that he said to me; and I can't even begin to recreate the bizarreness of this meeting.

Basically he told me that my name had been mentioned (didn't say why exactly) and he began asking questions to the people at this meeting and he said that he learned I was reliable, got my work done, I show up, ecetera. "Does he have the room to advance" "Yeah he can do that" Who was he talking to? I dunno.

Anyway I told him I was from Utah and he asked me if I was Mormon (yes) "Are you A practicing Mormon?" (yes) "... when are you going on your mission?" I don't know, I'm working on that. "Good! That's what college is about, figuring yourself out!" he then proceeded to tell me that Emerson is not the most hospitable place for "believers" but that his best Executive Producers, Directers, ETC, were Born-Again Christian, Mormons, Conservative Jews, etc--because they have backbone. He also mentioned that when he was in the service that he felt most comfortable around mormons, and that he had never had a Mormon let him down.

But now I'm really scared because I know I have to be as good if not better than those in the past. So then I talked about how I like architecture, and besically after chatting for a while he told me that I should make a documentary about something that I said, which was "I'm fascinated by the way that an artist or and architect can get a client to pay more for less efficient, less effective space for the sake of art."

And he said that he was going to harrass me into doing it, he was going to get me cameras, etc.... I just don't know what is going to happen now.

I'm really sorry if this post was disjointed, but I needed to get this out. Oh! One of the first things that he said to me when I introduced myself to him was "I got all these people saying 'Ezra's hot shit, Ezra's hot shit'" Oh boy, if he was serious, I might be in trouble.


John said...

That wasn't very nice of those people to call you hot fecal matter. I wouldn't take that sitting down. As for the movie thing, that's really cool that you've been recognized and have that opportunity to prove yourself! I'd tip my hat to you....but I haven't got a hat. Talk to you later, idiot! ;D

Anonymous said...

Oh babe! I love your ways!
I just knew that you'd be noticed. You are maybe a hottie or a hot tamale, but not hot poop!
Gotta love you!!! TA

katier said...

Hey Ezra that's pretty snazzy! I mean it is kind nerve racking but hey just be yourself and do the things you know are right! I'm here for you, always...even with all the Godspell stuff I'm doing. *smiles* I love you and say you should go for the movie.
love *hugs* you! O&O

Anonymous said...

love didn't I always tell you that I saw greatness in you? As for the pressure, no one apply more pressure to you then you do. Besides look at it in a difrrent light... you wanted to know if you were where you should be, you had doubts, well it sounds like you've just gotten your answer on those questions! Sounds like your exactly where you should be and are being recognized for the brilliant talent you are. I love you and no matter what am always proud of you and whatever you decide to do. Take care Baby Brother~S

John said...

God doesn't give us anything we can't handle. With that said, post another blog you hippie!