Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Pat's Parade, HD Night (Wasted Day)

Well, today was the victory parade for the New England Patriots, and it basically was the exact same affair as the Red Sox parade--huge crowds, closed roads, news choppers, and players on Duckboats. I watched as they went by from the 7th floor of the Ansin Building, and over all it was pretty neat.

So anyway, I then began to edit a package for Good Morning Emerson (GME) about the Lion King musical. But then I am told that they are going to move that package to next Tuesday and that they'd like it if I'd edit a package on the Boston "Beanpot" Hockey tournament, because it is more time sensitive. The problem with this is that I am a really busy person and had spent 2 hours the night before uploading clips to the computer for the lion king, and I could have had it finished by today had I not had to start over with a new package.

Oh well. I am still excited about editing at least one package a week because by the end of the semester I'm going to have something like 15-18 packages that I've edited and I can show off on my reel.

After that I went to help set the Remote Shoot for "High-Definition Night" put on by the Evvy's and the FPS club. It was pretty dissapointing because I was there for a really long time and I had a lot of other stuff to do, and I feel like I didn't get much accomplished at all. *Sigh* oh well.

*Reminds himself he's just a freshman and has 3 years to get experience with all of this stuff*

So then I came back to my room, wrote this post, skipped my meeting, because I realized that I don't have to go unless I want to and it won't adversely affect me.

I'm speaking in speech class tommorow. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Dahlin' you are so awesome. If you got to choose your topic for your speach I'm sure it will be interesting to hear. Good luck-but you don't need it. You've got the voice, you've been in front of people speaking most of your short little life. So relax and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, skipping meeting, getting a little daring aren't we? Yeah I thought so, nah man your cool, your cool. Doing your thing, prioritizing your time. Sweet!