Friday, May 13, 2005

The 24th Annual EVVY Awards is killing me!


I've been on my feet almost the last three days, spending a lot of time inside listening to a headset and moving expensive equipment. I am on dinner break, so I took 30 minutes for dinner, and so I have about 15 minutes to write a quick post and try to check in with my sanity. (I don't have thirty minutes because you have to arrive early to be ready to start AT 6:00 (which means waiting at the door to sign into the theatre, dropping your coat off in the basement, and getting to your station and settle in).

Seriously, this is so hard, but it is still a really fun time and will ultimately be really really awesome. If you haven't been told to already, tune into the show on the The Emerson Channel Webstream.

The show where I am operator of Camera 5 (House right box) starts at 2:00pm

The evening show, where I am camera assistant for the same camera, starts at 6:00pm.

Tune in! And/Or visit Thanks!

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