Monday, May 16, 2005

Freshman Year, and the EVVY Awards are now Over.

The EVVY's went incredibly well. I had a terrific time and made strong bonds with people who I know will be my colleagues in the future. In fact, I made closer bonds with everybody, and discovered new friends, and found out good and bad things about existing ones. And I got to operate camera five, which had some sweet bump shots.

But you may know that I and J-Pizzle were nominated for an EVVY Award for Best On-Air Personality. We didn't win, but it was an honor to be nominated, and the guy who won was working at Q97.9 FM in Portland, ME! So the fact that we were in the same league with him was awesome. You can hear the shows at

Well, I'm tired, but I'm sleeping on the couch here at the Paula household, so I didn't sleep that great. But hey, whatever. I'm pretty much better after the EVVY's, but I'm probably going to take it easy today. Nearby Lynn Massachusetts has a store called "Building 19 & 7/8ths" Which is a small chain similar in nature to mardens, except sketchier. But its still awesome.

Also, I'm going to call the Majestic Theatre and see if I did indeed leave my red winter coat in the theatre. I think I did, because I can't for the life of me figure out where it could be. I checked everything.

Anyway, yesterday Patrick came down and we loaded up the HUGE amount of junk that I had accumulated (actually, it's not really junk, but I'd gained more stuff than I thought.) Then I had to help J-Pizzle move out, since he was taking me to his house to stay with him for a few days while I wait for my tuesday flight. Then we had to unload him, we went for a walk along the ocean (It was cold, but beautiful, I kept thinking how much mom would have loved it) His house is on the corner near a park which is on the ocean. It's cool to look out the window and see the water.

I'm a little annoyed, because I packed up my computer I forgot to print out my hometeaching report, so I am going to have to call everybody back today/tommorow and get their report so I can turn it in. Home teaching here is ridiculous since people come and go all the time, and it is just crazy. The organization is tough and the number of people each of us is supposed to teach each month is 6! Six different individual meetings. Its rough. I didn't succeed much. Oh well.

Just 32 hours until I board my flight to come home! Talk to y'all soon. (Got to get back in that southern feelin'!) ;)


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BTW.. happy belated ! Isn't 19 a bloody let down ?