Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Help! I Need Somebody!

I wish I could have someone just make me well. I'm sick. (Congratulations, DOUCHE, you're only 3 intense days away from an awesome show, and your SICK)

Well, I should quit whining. I tried to go to bed at 9pm, and I think I actaully feel asleep in about fifteen minutes. At which time I was RUDELY awakened by a knock at my door. I didn't answer, but It's scared me, my heart was actually pounding out of my chest. So then, of course, I couldn't get back to sleep, so I tried calling my sister Sarah about how many EVVY tickets she wanted me to buy for her, but she didn't answer (even though she said she'd call me back tonight.)

Then I tried to go to sleep again, but it then Dad called back and woke me up, which was okay, because I really wanted his advice about what to do to get well-FAST. He told me to drink lots of water (duH) and take certain herbs once an hour all day, and not eat, and if I get hungery to drink juice. He said if I do that I might be cleared up by the end of the day. Lets hope.

So here I am now, chatting with Laurie, Jake S., and J-Pizzle, and posting this. Yeah. Oh, did I mention that I need to get up at about 7:00am? Sweet huh.

What else is there to say? Hmmm. Oh, if you want to watch the show that I might win an award for, you can watch it LIVE on the ECTV Webstream. The show starts at 2:00pm EST and should run about 2.5 hours. I will hopefully win and so you might see me on camera, but if not, you can look at the camera angles, and the shots coming from the house right floor are my camera (camera 5) Yea for me!

Wish me luck on sleep. I've just killed an hour. It's dead. I just nailed the coffin closed on a whole hour. WHOOPEE.


J-Pizzle said...

I believe the knock you heard was me, being courteous for a change, and coming and getting you to remind you that -24- was on. But I guess you didn't want to watch it. Sorry douche.

katier said...

what day is this show bro bro? you neglected to remind us here. Soooo sorry you're sick..I love you! hope you get had to! I HAD TO DO THE RHYME! AHA..anyways..I love you lots *hugs* see you soon!