Sunday, June 27, 2004

First Day Of Work

So friday night I come home from a depressing job search, and as I am ranting to my best friend Tanner about how I will probably never get a job, I answer the phone to "Are you still looking for work?" It was Adecco, the temp agency. They wanted to know if I could work Saturday only at an outlet store in Freeport, ME (home of L.L. Bean). I said sure! And so I was in freeport at nine o'clock in the morning to begin my eight hour workday--I was getting paid ten dollars an hour, too.

The company turned out to be The North Face, an invredibly overpriced outfitting store. They were preparing for a big "Sample Sale" they receive all these shoes and clothes that were made as samples, and they sell them at about one fifth the price, sans warranty. AKA, 100.00 Hiking boots were going for 20.00 a pair because they say sample on them.

So my job was to take the shoes out of the shoe boxes, and threw away all the paper around and inside of the shoes. Then, I took a sharpie marker and put an "X" on the tag on the inside of the shoe which said "sample: not for resale", Then, I zip-tied the shoes together, placed them back in the box and stamped "sample" on the box.

I must have done this 200 times.

But, like I said, it paid 10 dollars per hour, and it wasn't particularly strenuous, so I can't really complain.

Plus, there was another guy from Adecco there who talked just like Stephen King!!! Listen to Stephen King's autobiography on audiotape, and you'll hear his very distinct accent. It was awesome!

Well, I'm going to slush out for today, I for some reason to not feel like writing more, even though I have more to say!

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Where can I get a pair of these boots?