Monday, June 14, 2004

July 14th--my first weekday of Summer--without public school looming ahead of me in two and a half months

Ahh, yes, For the first time in my pathetic--er, I mean, amazing life, I can enjoy summer vacation with the knowledge that I will never have to attend public school again.

This morning, I got up around nine am and went to the High School because I needed to pick up a DVD and get some photo's of the faculty. I got one with me and Mrs. Fielding where I am down on one knee to make her look taller. (I will try and post these when I get a chance. I still am using film.)

Well, I'm going to keep it shorter today. Please visit, it's a riot.

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Charles said...

I can't wait to see that Fielding pic. It's sad that by the end of the year I ended up liking her. Well I'm about to head out. Talk to you later.