Thursday, June 24, 2004


You probably won't understand the title of today's post unless you have seen "True Stories" the movie by David Byrne of the Talking Heads. If you like bizarre and funny movies, I'd recommend watching it.

Anyway, life rolls along here in Maine, (a little too quickly for my liking) and I still do not have a job. I really only filled out applications monday, tuesday and wednesday, so I should start hearing from people any day now. But I still pray that Adecco will come through with a clerical/data entry position for me.

Charles is being a dweeb and hasn't updated his blog at for a long time. Geez, I even sent him an e-mail asking if he wanted me to give him a Gmail account, and he never responded. Ungrateful fool! Seriously though, Charles needs to update his blog, because I can't live long without that kids witicisms.

Speaking of kids I miss, I miss Ryan H. Man, when ever he and I were at the lunch table, the most interesting conversations of all time ensued. He's going to college in Chicago in the fall, and he's going to FALL (pun intended, sorry) off the face of the earth. I did tell him he should make a blog, and he seemed to think it was a good idea, so maybe I'll be able to get my dose of Ryan that way.

Today I went down to Portland, ME and applied for some more jobs. I actually applied to work at Starbucks. The funniest thing about that was that 1.) Anyone who knows me knows that I don't DRINK coffee because it's against my religion and I don't like it, and 2.) My sister wanted me to work there so I could bring her free frappachinos. Well, I must admit, I like the smell of coffee, but I wonder, how I could sell something I don't even like.

I hate job application forms. They all basically ask the same thing, but you have to keep spewing back the information for each potential employer. Why don't they do a common job application, sort of like the common application for colleges. Wouldn't that be awesome if you could fill out one form and apply for dozens/hundreds of jobs? It'd be sweet like honey-buttah. But the thing about the forms I hate the most is that they are so general, so generic. I know for a fact that if I could just sit and talk with the person who does the hiring at each place, I could get hired in no time.

So here are the places to which I have already applied: Denny's, 99 Bar & Grill, J&S Oil (gas station), Pepsi-Cola, Harbor Fish Market, Starbucks, A carwash, Vermont Transit and a temp agency called "Adecco". Tommorow I plan to apply at Dunkin' Donuts.

Well, I'm going to go down to Sam's and hang out with my friend Tanner until he closes at 11:30. See you all later, and have a wicked good night.

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Anonymous said...

How well I know your situation... The job market in the 'burg isn't too good. I'm getting really tired of filling out applications. At least you don't have a problem talking to people... I get something akin to stage fright when it comes to speaking to prospective employers. It's like an audition, and I hate auditions. Oh well... Just one of those things I have to get over. Here's hoping for a job for the both of us!

Anna K