Monday, June 21, 2004

The Govenment Needs to Stay OUT of my life!

Okay, so I was going to go to four different Temp agencys today and begin my job search. I was going to visit Manpower, Adecco, Bonney Staffing, and Leddy Group. Well guess what?!?! All but Adecco cannot take people who are under eighteen. Even Adecco, however, cannot place me in anything but clerical or office work--AKA, all high-paying industrial jobs are OUT. Here's my beef with this: I am more mature and better qualified to work now, at my current age then about 30 percent of the work force, and yet I cannot get a job because of my age! I am confused about why this is acceptable when age descrimination is illegal. But I know why--because stupid American citizens, who rely on the government to do everything for them says, "OH NO! Protect my CHILDREN FOR ME!" So a huge beaurocratic government has TAKEN my right to work where I choose. Arrgh. You know, if I'm old enough and responsible enough to drive a ton of metal around at 60 miles per hour, I should damn well be able to work at a BREAD FACTORY.

The thing that also sucks is that I can't get a job that pays well enough now, so I'll probably get a full time and a part time job to come up with the 3,000 dollars I need for college this fall. ARGH.

Anyway, I loooove Maine. It still gets down to about 55 degrees at night, at is about 75-80 during the day, and I love it.

OOOOOOH, I LOVE DENNYS TOO. I've already been there twice. I got their appitizer sampler and the next time I got smothered cheese fries. Let me tell you though, my friend Tanner can put food away! Both times we went he ordered a Chicken Fingers Appitizer and a Chicken fingers meal with double fries. Of course, last year when I was here, he also got a sundae and a side of BACON. That kid has the highest metabolism I've ever seen!

I ran into a guy I used to know working at the Salvation Army. He and I were in a play together freshman year. We were never really close, but he's the first person I've seen besides Tanner and his family who I knew when I lived here.

Well, I'll wrap this up today. Pray/wish me luck (whatever you prefer) that I will be able to get a good paying job as soon as possible.

I've got to go move my car--I have to move it every hour or I get ticketed.

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Anonymous said...

::waves:: Hi Ezra!! It's Emma. I'm glad you're having fun in Maine, I wish it were that cool down here! I hate the heat, but whatever. I'm having a good summer, my matzos are staying in their bloody box, in case you care. Sorry about the work thing...that does suck a lot. It's kinda like me not being able to keep a job because my hair is not a natural color and I have a metal bar in my eyebrow. That's not cool. I hope you find one, though. You could work at Denny's! You seem to like it so much there, I'm sure you'd make a great waiter. ;) Anyway, if you wanna keep up with me, my deadjournal is this: So check that out if you wish! Have a great summer...Emma