Saturday, June 12, 2004

Graduation is COMING!!! YAY!

It's actually Saturday morning right now, and I'm going to be a High School Graduate in about eleven hours! Then it's on to Maine where I will work my butt off to earn about 3000 dollars. Yeah. Charles, I hope you are reading my site, because I keep coming back to yours and listening in.

I actually shifted from my other site, and I hope that they shut it down after enough inactivity. Oh Well. I was trying to figure out how to put a picture on my profile, but I only could put it as a post.

Moving on, I had a RISK (TM) party tonight, and it was a blast. Ben, and his girlfriend Melloney (spelling?), Cody, John and I played two whole games of RISK (TM) I don't know why I keep puting the (TM) after RISK (TM) But it's kinda fun. The first game was pretty intense--we actually ate tons of junk food, and that always makes events more fun. Ben won but only by SHEER LUCK. I had him in a corner, and he got a set of cards and got about 50 armies and took EVERYTHING. It was aweful. In the second game, we all gained up on Ben and so he was the first one out (actually, Mallory basically commited suicide, cause she had to leave) If you ever want to play RISK (TM) let me know--You wouldn't believe how hard it is sometimes to find people who A.) Want to play RISK (tm) and then B.) Have enough time to play. It took us about 6 hours to play two games. I think only Monopoly matches RISK in length and fun. Oh well--What are your thoughts readers?

Man, I LOVE Sharp Shopper. My mom and my grandmother bought a bag of "Cocoa Chex Mix" and that stuff is like ADDICTIVE. It has marshmallows, chocolate chex and pretzels. It reminded me of Chex "Muddy Buddies." Whatever happened to that stuff? Anyway, it only cost 99 cents. I mean, Sharp Shopper is full of stuff like that.

I guess this post is of sufficient length, and I hope it made some sense. Next time I post I'll be out of high school FOREVER! YES!


Charles said...

YEAH!!! Graduation is definitely nice. We have to keep in touch because without the daily dose of Ezra, I'd die, DIE! You're blog is awesome so far, I've started getting lazy with mine, but I'll definitely post sometime this week. Yay for the (tm) mark, I do that too. Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ezra! I've got your blog bookmarked and will check it along with the other ten journals I check every day... ^_^ My deadjoural is:

When we get to college we'll have to meet in Boston some weekends and hang out. ^_^ Bye for now!

Anna K.