Wednesday, July 07, 2004


I was sitting in my room at around 10 o'clock last night just chillin' and checking my e-mail, when Tanner's sister, Katrina runs in shouting "Fire! Ezra! There's a Fire"

I just about had a heart attack right there.

She then explained that it was across the street at 177 (we are 178). Sure enough, we went to the windows, and smoke was nochalantly pouring out of the second story windows.

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We sat in the window as a firemen began setting up hoses and equipment at what seemed like a really slow rate.

They couldn't get the fire under control with just there forces, so five communities had firemen/equipment there. The flames were mostly on the back side of the building, but there was alot of smoke. I went out the front door of the building and stood less than 50 feet away from this building. Ironically, I couldn't find a parking space near the house that afternoon, so I was parked a block away, safely away from fire and dropping debris.

Then the roof exploded into flames.

It's difficult to explain how if feels to be so close to something like that. Hot burning ash started to fly out of the roof, and spiral up into the air, and that was the only time I started to worry. My Virginia friends may remember the fire which destroyed a dozen+ buildings in downtown Richmond, VA--High winds and blowing, burning ash did it.

Tanner's Dad Patrick ran up to the roof to make sure nothing was igniting up there, and he later told me that there was a huge vent on the roof which used to vent from the kitchen of the restaurant, which acted like a big blow torch, melting the roof and incinerating everything.

I stood staring up at that building, and because I understood how fire worked, I wasn't afraid--and the moment it got out of control I was going to be out of there. I'll never ever forget that night. I stayed up until 2:30am and there were still working on it, but I knew I had to sleep because I had work in the morning.

There's so much more to say, but I don't know how interesting it is, it was just an unforgettable night.

Please be careful with fire, because it can cause great damage. Thank God no one lived there, and the building was empty.

Other than that, Work today was peachy!!! ;) Sorry, had to end on an upbeat.

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