Friday, July 16, 2004

Kremlin Fried Chicken, Cliff Yablonski Hates You, Roadkill and MORE!

It's not like me to go this long without posting, but I guess I can't meet you people's demands all the time.  GIVE ME A BREAK OKAY?
Seriously though, lately I have stumbled upon some really, really weird and funny sites, such as Kremlin Fried Chicken.  This site is a hilarious site which parallels/parodies the rise and fall of communism in the USSR/Russia with a restaurant that looks startlingly like Kentucky Fried Chicken.  For a hint at the humor involved, here is a quote from the site:
"A maniFEASTo of great chicken: A spectre is haunting the world-a spectre of moist and meaty chicken, fresh biscuits, creamy slaw, and the best sandwiches this side of St. Petersburg! ... Finally there is a restaurant where the proletariat are in charge: Kremlin Fried Chicken. So Trotsky on over today! You Brehznever saw such low prices!"
Oh man! TROTsky on over?! Hahaha.  You'll love it if you know your history.  They have a drink on their menu called "Unca Stalin's Grape Purge: Got a counterrevolutionary thirst? Clear it out with one of these!" It's sick, but hilarious.

Another great website for a laugh is Cliff Yablonski Hates You.  This person takes advantage of foolish internet users who post embarrassingly hilarious photos online, by making fun of them and joking about busting their faces in with hammers. Etc.  Trust me, this one is a classic.  And with thousands of pictures, you'll laugh for hours!
Well that's about it for websites for today, so let's move on to our next item: Roadkill.
So I'm driving to work the other day, and a bird flies in front of my car.  So I'm thinking, "Wow, that was close.  You know, I wonder if anyone has ever hit a bird with their car?" SMACK! While engrossed in thought, a bird decided to kamikaze into the front corner of my truck, making the most disturbing cracking sound on impact.
My first road kill--and it wasn't even on the road!
Sorry, my tasteless humor is too much for some of you light hearted folks.  But that's okay.  Today at work one of my co-workers, Mike, told us that he and his best friend used to sit around and invent the most disgusting food product they could think of, using only edible, real food ingredients.  So the one he tells us about is a "Snickers bar with little baby pearl onions inside"
It's really hard to laugh and puke at the same time, believe me.
Well, I'm going to get a bank account with People's Heritage Bank--they offer SimplyFree Checking(tm)! YEAH!
Anyway, leave your comments, I love hearing from all of you.  Sorry I dropped off the earth for a few days.  But hey, I still update more often than Charles.


Anonymous said...

well hello again ezra.

free checking is awesome, i must say.

re: postal service. district sleeps alone and sleeping in are both beautiful songs, but my fav is such great heights because it makes me happy.

also: i am indeed from washington state. however, i will be in baltimore in the fall for college.

x harmonie

Charles said...

I've always wondered if they fly into I know and I will fear the birds. FEAR THE BIRDS!!!