Saturday, July 24, 2004

War thoughts, (sorry, again) and AP TEST SCORES!

Okay, I'll start out with the good news today.

My AP Scores came in the mail today.  I think I was trembling more than I did when I read my college acceptance letters.  So, the results are........................


Thank you, Shiela Fielding!  Your method has served me very well!  Congratulations are in order!

I couldn't believe how sweet it was.  You know, a 3 on the Spanish exam is like a four on the english exam, because it's the same basic stuff, just in spanish--which is what makes it hard.

Well, I'm going to be very happy now.  I've parked my car across the street from the Republican Headquarters again today, and I still get a kick out of it.  It's Saturday, so they're closed, but at least I won't get a ticket. Click on the link to see a 10 minute film that describes EXACTLY how I feel about meter maids (not recommended for dial-up users).

Banks need to have REAL PEOPLE hours.  I'm sick of this crap about opening when everyone is at work and closing right as they get home!  Whatever.

There is really not a lot going on right now.  I'm kinda chillin' while Tanner and his girlfriend sleep, (they are sooooo lazy--perfect for eachother) and I doubt that we're going to do much today.

In closing, I had what I like to call a profound realization the other day.  Whenever you meet someone who supports the war in Iraq, ask them this simple question: "Truthfully, are you willing to go over and fight in this war personally? Not if you had to, I mean, are you willing to fight it?"  If the answer is no, then this should be your response: "If you don't beleive in a cause enough to fight for it yourself, who the hell gave you permission to send other people's sons and daughters out to fight your conflict for you?"  Anyone who is a "supporter" is a liar unless they are willing to fight.  Waving a yellow ribbon or putting a "support our troops" bumpersticker on you car means NOTHING.  So stop lying to yourself.

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