Monday, August 02, 2004

Anonymous Mondays

I'm sorry I'm so "hard" on anonymous voters, but I just want to know who you are. I don't see why asking people to leave a name (Any name, just so long as you use the same one!) Would be great. Please post all the anonymous posts you want. I was just asking for a favor. I sure wish I knew who was coming to this site, that's all.

Moving right along, here's my gameplan. WORK FOREVER! I'm not getting a day off until August 14th. AKA, 13 days of solid work. This weekend I will be at the Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland, Maine at a concession stand. But I think it will be worth it, I can earn almost 300 dollars in one weekend, so that's GREAT.

Still haven't bought my lotto ticket. Just haven't gone anywhere recently that sells them.

Another thing that I've been meaning to do is return my bottles. I get 5 cents per bottle or can, so I want to get my freakin' money back. (For those of you who are unfamiliar with the bottle deposit system, when you buy a twelve pack of soda, the merchant tacks on 5 cents to each can: AKA 60 cents. If you are buying liquor, the deposit is 15 cents a bottle. So, when you're done with the bottle, you turn it in to a redemption center and get that "deposit" back. It's really annoying, but it does wonders on keeping people from leaving beer cans all over the place. I wonder if you were taking your empty beer cans to the redemption center, and you got pulled over if you would get arrested for having an open beer in the car!

The government currently holds $384.38 of my money! A whole weeks wages has gone to the government! Yeah!

On that note, I say goodnight, blog hard, comment lots.


Anonymous said...

hello ezra! this is madeline. i didn't actually read anything on you're webpage but i was very intrigued by your photo. i noticed that you are surrounded by mountains and i also like mountains. not to ski on or snowboard on but just to look at. sometimes people who go mountain hiking get bitten by spiders or snakes, but not me.

Anonymous said...

ezra, whats going on? this is kyle joyce. if youve been reading your mail, im going to be one of your roomates at emerson. i would like to know some stuff about you like your major and junk, as im sure you would about me. im doing broadcast journalism. i found you on google. more later. my email is feel free to email me

Anonymous said...

ezra, your blog is quite informative. and through rigouruos investigation i have discovered you are a mormon? or at least your sister is. are you? im intersted to know. one of my best girlfriends is mormon. anyway write me an email at some point. kyle joyce, your future rommate

Ezra said...

Well Madeline, those mountains behind me are in Zion National Park in Utah. It's a wonderful, beautiful place there, and I wish I could spend weeke exploring that gorgueos landscape. Thanks for your post. I really like that picture, too.

Charles said...

Ezra, what's up with the lack of blogs's scaring me quite a bit. You must be up to a lot. Well I've also got to say hey to Ezra's roommate, and I must warn you he's a crazy one.