Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Darkness and Bats

There was a bat in our house last night. It was flapping around all over the place, and Tanner turned on all the lights to scare it away into some dark recesses of the building, and that seemed to be all we could do. I did not witness this, I had gone to bed before this bat was descovered.

So I was asleep, dreaming my little dreamy-dreams. When suddenley I awoke to find my fan shut off, and the glowing light from Tanner's watch floating in the air as he stumbled toward his bed.

"What the heck are you doing?" I asked, knowing full well he can't see a thing in the dark.

"The Power went out, this totally blows." He stated flatly. It was approximatly four in the morning. We started talk about it, and Tanner said that the stupid bat had probably chewed though a wire or something. Convinced that this wasn't true, I told him we were going to go outside and look to see if any of the other buildings on our side of the block were without power.

We went outside, (I was in my boxer-briefs and a shirt) and saw that lights were on across the street, and the street lights were on too. However, we knew from when the
Marco's Fire that the other side of the street and the streetlights were on different circuits. I peeked into Bill Davis Luncheonette next door, and saw a light moving around. It startled me, and I learned the next morning that it was the owner, who had been looking around with a flashlight, and happened to see me peeking in the window, and actually called the cops on me. Too much. Anyway, we went back inside, called CMP (Central Maine Power) and reported the outage.

I had to go to the bathroom pretty wicked.

Those of you who don't know, Tanner's house has a third floor, and the only light on the second floor would be moonlight coming in the living room windows, almost 100 feet away, and then the bathroom itself is pitch black.

As I dug through my boxes in the dark searching for my flashlight, I remembered a sweet, sweet piece of irony. Only two weeks before I casually mentioned to Tanner that he should get a flashlight, but he said "Why? I'd never need it". Ahh, life is so full of wonder, huh?

So by this time it was sweltering in the bedroom, so we decided to walk down to Big Apple Food Stores and buy a cold drink. THEN we went to Wal-Mart, where Tanner, for some reason, impulse bought "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" on DVD. Then we went home and slept. Fortunatly, my cell phone was charged and had an alarm so that I could wake up and get to work, as the power was still out around 7:30 when I left.

So that's todays adventure. Please continue to read, and tell all of your friends who may or may not be my friends too!

Good night!

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katier said...

I had to go to the bathroom pretty wicked? *laughs* that sounds so ..funny. Anywho, did you find thebat yet? If so you gonna eat it? hahah just kidding. It's been pouring rain over here all huh? Love ya, Katie