Thursday, August 26, 2004

Sorry Again, Life's Been Weird

I actually should have been in bed an hour ago, since I have to work tommorow, but here I am, fulfilling my duty to you faithful readers, and blogging.

Of course, I will keep it short this time.

On tuesday, Tanner suddenly jumped his move-in day ahead two days, so I dropped everythin and helped him move up to school. I forgot how far Farmington is from Lewiston.

Since then I have gone to work and my boring job, and did a massive cleaning and rearranging of the room. Now that Tanners stuff is gone, I can arrange things better for me.

Well, it was an over all tiring and dissapointing day, excitement wise, and my eyes are starting to close. Goodnight(or morning, I guess)


Anonymous said...

Work, Work, and Work? seems like your settled in. what ever floats your goat though.

-Joe (didn't feel like signing up for an account)

Anonymous said...

Gee I wish I had something to goat my float. Or stoat my moat, stat my mat ... bat my cat. Wait no, that's ok I'll just right completely insane ramblings about how thankful I am for this blog that sheds some interest on an otherwise boring and mundane existance.

And fortunately unlike Marvin the manically depressed robot I DO NOT have a brain the size of a planet so little things like this keep me amused and so forth and so on.

Well enough is enough, I won't post anonymously exactly because, umm, I'm sure Ezra can guess who I am although, nobody else could, well maybe that isn't true... actually... umm...

I actually talked to Ezra about this before he posted So I'm one up on all of you's! Or least I think I did... might have been directly after...

Anyway... Yeah