Friday, August 20, 2004

Balloon Festival, Truck and Family

Well my day at least started out good. Then it sucked. A LOT.

The great thing that happened to me today was that I got to fly over Lewiston, ME in a hot air balloon! It was so amazing. I would love to do it again, but it costs A LOT! ($175) The reason I got to go for free was that I was "press" with Great Falls Television, and I was shooting footage for the station. We flew for about an hour and ten minutes, and let me tell you, there is no feeling like floating absolutely silently through the air. Its amazing, and if you ever get a chance to go, DO IT. You'll love it.

Then the day became SUCK. TOTAL SUCKAGE THEN CAME.

I went from the balloon festival to VIP to have my truck aligned. Upon dropping it off there, I walked up the street to get a 7 dollar haircut and shampoo from Bernards School of Hair Fashion. When I arrived, they told me that I couldn't be helped because all the students were about to go on lunch, and that I'd have to come back later that afternoon. They also noted that I probably wouldn't get in that afternoon since they were "pretty busy". So I walked out of the salon, and decided that since I was only two blocks away from Jake's house, I would see if he was up and wanted to chill for a while. He wasn't. Soooooooo I go back to VIP and sit in their STUPID waiting room for half an hour, at which time they tell me that they can't do an alignment on my truck for two reasons.

1.) The Idler arm has play in it (meaning it needs to be rebuilt or replaced) Estimated Cost: (USD $203.00)
2.) The right rear shock absorber is blown out. They tell me that they cannot fix this because it will require the use of a body shop, welding, etc.

Also, they noted that my transmission housing or mount (can't remember which) was bad, and needs fixing/replacment.

So my 49.00 alignment now will cost me UNTOLD SUMS of money. Just what I needed. So now I don't have my car aligned, I DON'T have my hair cut, and I don't have any money or time to fix it.

Them I had lunch with my mom and my sister, and I was really sad and will miss them so much. I probably won't see them until christmas, and that totally bums me out. The Quiche that I ordered at the restaurant we went to was excellent though.

So I also found out today that my sister had bought me a T-shirt offline that she accidently sent to the address of a building down the street. So they, upon receiving this package addressed to someone whom they had no idea was, they returned it to the sender. So now I have to work that Bullsh*T out. Great.

So now I am going to try and forget my woes by watching Starsky and Hutch. Please send a bomber to my house and kill me. Thank you.


katier said...

I got an email from the company. The shirt was returned and I told them to send it to your REAL address. It really sucks. I hope they don't charge me extra shipping because that would make it a buttload of money. Sorry that everythings going so bad for you. Try to look on the bright side! I love you.

Felix J. Lockhart said...

Shock absorbers do not require a body shop to install. Get a second opinion on that car (I highly recommend Big "L" Tire on the corner of Liberty & Gay street), but DON'T mention what the other shop said. Just tell them you want an alignment and see what they say.