Saturday, August 21, 2004

Freeport, Maine Totally SUCKS

I went to work today. Yeah, I'm such a money-grubbing slut that I OPTED to work 8 hours on Saturday. So I processed backpacks all day. ALL DAY. In fact, the most exciting thing I did was when I got a change of pace and I got to do one box of COATS! WHOOPEE! So anyway, at lunch time, I decide to do what I usually do and go to Sam's for lunch. THE TRAFFIC WAS HORRENDUS, AND IT WAS DRIZZLING! Having no jacket or umbrella, I get wet, and then when I get to Sam's they don't have the lunch specials because it's the weekend!!! ARRGH!

Well, after I returned to work and processed more *GASP* backpacks, it began to rain--hard, and then the lightning started. And then the roof began to leak in three distinct places. I kept praying that the power would go out so I could have some excitement, but the best In got was at one point the lights started flickering for about 5 seconds. I wish the power had gone out. I hate everything about Freeport, Maine.

So Tanner's girlfriend Nancy is here this weekend, so I'm getting ignored a little--but that doesn't bother me. I understand that he hasn't seen her in a couple of weeks, whereas he sees me everyday. It is just sometimes annoying to be cut out of the loop.

Forgetting all else that has happened to me--oh wait, nothing happens to me because I'm a money-grubbing work-a-slut-ic. Yeah, I did coin that term thank you very much!

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