Friday, August 27, 2004

Off To Work! (*Whistling that song from Sleeping Beauty)

Good morning friends and unsuspecting strangers! Welcome!

I just wanted to drop you a quick line this morning, letting you know that I am on my way to The North Face Outlet Store in Freeport Maine. There I will be in servitude for 8 hours, which will earn me enough money to buy a used textbook at college! YEAH!

So wish me luck. I have a 1/2hr drive ahead of me, so... I'm bringing music.

I've just heard that the first multi-party debate will be occuring very soon!!! I'll give you more information later, but the candidates with include Bush, Kerry, Nader, Libertarian Michael Badnarik, and the Constitution party's candidate. EXCITING.

For some reason, its possible that it might not be televised. You know, they BETTER TELEVISE IT OR SOME HEADS WILL ROLL!

Okay, I HAVE to go, or I am going to be wicked (very) late.

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