Saturday, August 07, 2004

Quick Notes

I wish that My name was Cliff, so I could say "Cliff Notes" but oh well.

I thought that I'd drop a quick post since I know I haven't done so in a while and that I probably won't be able to for a few more days.

Quick shout-out to Charles, BIB (back in the 'burg), who has always been the voice of conscience in my head saying "BLOG, DANGIT!". Also, holla-back to my new roommate, Kyle Joyce from upstate New York--he said he liked my blog, so that's super cool!

Sorry, just had to get some slang out of my system. Furtharmore, I would like to clarify that complaining about America and claiming to still love it is not hypocracy. People who offer no solutions, but just like to whine are hypocrytical. It's a situation of "love the sinner, hate the sin" I will always love my country and will never cease to try and move her back to a place of national pride by fixing some problems. But I hate the corruption and evil which has entered lady liberty's life. It's like watching a friend slowly die, and it hurts. I wish it hurt more people, so they'd do something. So that's why I will always love America.

Well, wish me luck at the Rockland Lobster Fest. It's going to be a "blast". EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT ALL THE LOBSTER EATERS BURN IN HELL!

Have a great weekend, all!

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katier said...

Is that lobster shrimp thing part of the law of moses? I'm not sure I remember but if Baptists are Christians (which I have no idea about) then wouldn't it not matter? *shrugs* whatever. Is this Kyle guy your roommate at Emerson? I love ya and miss ya! by the by...hehe..have you checked out that site yet? the one on my blog? well you need to!! *hugs*