Thursday, October 28, 2004

Ezra Horne's Christmas Wish List!

Here is my 2004 christmas wishlist! I will also create a link on the sidebar for this list, which should be updated fairly regularly. I need to get some more specifics on the electronics stuff, so I can give you all a better idea of what I want and need, but other than that, get it all for me! ;)


katier said...

Looks like some awesome stuff. I want a 5 mega pix digital camera too! THAT would be the hottest!
I hope I'll get to see you this Christmas..
love katie

Anonymous said...

Dagh! Why is it a broken link? I want to know your Christmas wishes!


Ezra said...

The link should be fixed now. Sorry, :(

Anonymous said...

Your page blows, get rid of that background image, or subdue it or something. The list is impossible to read over it.

Ezra said...

Resize your bowser to put the text all on the lighter side of the image and you can read it. Thanks for your "constructive" criticism.

What are you looking at my wishlist for if you don't even know me?