Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Photoshop MEYHEM!

In my Digital Culture Class, we have been working with Adobe Photoshop and learning some of the basics for image manipulation. It's been a whole lot of fun. We've had three workshops so far, and each time we were given a set of images to work with, shown what to do, and then we were supposed to do it. Well, I had to add some stuff to mine, as you'll see. My apologies in advance to the copywrite holders who I have stepped on to make these images, I just wanted to learn and share!

Here they are! (I didn't post them here because I want to keep the page load speed up.)

#1 Lord of the Robots

#2 Skinhead Rolemodels

#3 Terminator's Reconstructive Surgery

Yeah, I'm sorry, but for an average work time of 30 minutes, and after minimal instruction, they are not too bad. Have a great night! I'm getting behind on reading again!

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John said...

Those pictures are wicked crazy. It's like a koala bear crapped a rainbow in my brain. Freak out!
Talk to you later!
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