Wednesday, October 13, 2004

What a Day

Today was pretty cool. I woke up around 10am, got up lesiurely, eat some cereal, showered, and then hoped the 'E' train to The Boston Museum of Fine Arts to get the name and artist of the painting which I am going to do my art paper on.

Upon returning home, I went upstairs, chilled out on the computer (I do this way too much for my comfort.) and then ate lunch, then studied for my Media Arts exam tommorow until about 2:30pm.

I then remembered that I needed to turn in this week's timecard to ECTV. So I headed on down to the studio to do that, and while I was there I bumped into Nate, who was supposed to train me in Broadcast operations over the weekend, but didn't. So he showed me how to do it, and I will be doing it tommorow. Oh BOY!

So anyway, that's going to be pretty fun, since I have to get up at 8am to do it. (I know, I'm such a whiner)

But after he trained me, I scrurried over to Digital Culture Class, which was unusually boring. I had to duck out fifteen minutes early so that I could change and get ready to go to dinner at Jackie Liebergott's apartment. She is the president of Emerson College, and she got about 15-20 kids to come to her apartment at THE RITZ-CARLTON TOWERS to have dinner. It was a nice dinner, but typical catered fair--you know, bizzare salad with weird dressing; (This salad had mixed greens, feta cheese and suger coated pecans! It was the wierdest 'flavortaste', and it certainly didn't send me to the moon) chicken, rice and asparagus. Yeah, exciting. But it was good, and really nice to be able to talke with the president. She's hilarious because she's about 4'11' and has the funniest voice you will ever hear.

But after dinner we went and had dessert at the Little Building Dorms, (they had cheesecake, WHOOPEE!) with a Q&A session. It was good to express concerns and congratulations. All in all a priceless experience. And afterwards I got to take some leftovers, (4 pepsi's, 4 bottles of water, and a mini cheesecake) So that's always cool.

Then I went BACK to ECTV for an 8pm editing workshop. It wasn't so much training for HOW to edit, but training for ECTV's particular needs, IE how much leader, how much trailer, etc etc. All basic, but important stuff.

Then I chilled out at ECTV for a while, got some pretzels, went to the ECTV general meeting, which lasted (thankfully) only 10 minutes.

So here I am. I guess I did a lot of ECTV stuff today. I PROCLAIM THIS ECTV DAY! (Actually, I'll be doing a lot of ECTV stuff tommorow morning, so maybe I'm just really involved.)

Thanks for listening to me ramble! CALL TODAY FOR FABULOUS PRIZES!


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Are you Gay?

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