Monday, October 04, 2004

Is This True?

I just received this comment. Is it true? You decide.

From a different person, who knows who the first poster was...

It's funny cause people who you consider friends...well if they post anonymously, you treat them like shit however if they say something you don't like and post their names, it's ok and it's just debate. Sounds like you change depending on the situation just like the people who are running for president do. Hypocrisy!

Besides, I do remember a third party being involved in a presidential debate in the past, but perhaps you are too young to remember it. Ross Perot. So if he could get in to debate with the "big leagues" why can't anyone else these days.

You think you are so much smarter than everyone else and you simply aren't. You are entitled to your opinion but you need to step back and see the flaws that are within yourself.
I've now completely lost faith that you are the person I once thought you were. It's a shame too. You had so much potential.

Apparently someone I don't know and never met had lost faith in me. What did they have faith in me for? What is the motivation? I have faith in Michael Badnarik to be a man of principle and to do the right thing based on what I've seen. What are you hoping for?

People apparently want perfection. Well, I'm human, and will never be perfect. Yes I remember Ross Perot, but he was allowed into the debate because the Bush campaign WANTED him in the debate. (Read More About Perot Here) Second, the reason I treat anonimity with no respect is because they deserve it when the only reason they are posting is to tear down as much as they can. I have no regrets about that. Wanting to know who you are talking to is not hypocritical. Neither is it flip-floping. I've always been that way. Diedrich: I'm sorry you expect people to be perfect, because you are going to have a rough time in life if you can only believe in pefection.

Oh, once more about the debates: read up about WHY they can't get into the debates at You'll see that it was very fluky that Perot got in.

In closing, once again I feel hurt, because I've been attacked. But it's not the first time, and I know it will not be the last. I know I'm not the smartest person, being at college reinforces that over and over again. But I never said anything here was cut in stone, gospel truth. I'm a learning, growing, 18-year-old human being, who is trying to make personal sense of this world. Obviously I want every one to like me, but that's immpossible. If I pandered and tried to get everyone to agree with me, I'd be, as you say Deidrich, a hypocrite, acting just like the two candidates I dissagree with.

"The world will not evolve past its current state of crisis by using the same thinking that created the situation."
Albert Einstein


Anonymous said...

You flip out over small things way to qucikly. AND...who's being the BIG MAN NOW??? You won't let comments on posts??? ARE YOU SCARED SOMEONE MIGHT HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY???

Also, from reading the Lupinia Forum I noticed that you have a problem with cursing... Well it seems that you can use A-Hole but not ASS HOLE...IF YOU ARE GOING TO USE AN ABBREVIATION YOU MAY AS WELL USE THE WHOLE WORD!!

Anonymous said...

You do know me and have met me. That's why I can say that I've lost faith in you. Hopefully you'll come around and mature and one day be the person that I know you can be.