Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Sweet Surrender! (Don't ask me what that means)

Today I took the cover off of the air intake vent to check the condition of the filter--and SUPRISE! That's what I found! There are definately years of grime and sick nastiness all over it. (The two clean spots come from where I pulled a thick layer of lint and dust sprewed everywhere, and the large one in the middle comes from an obstruction inside the duct, making it impossible for air to pass through that part of the filter.)

Random Thought: If Cheney randomly pulled out a Glock and shot Senator Edwards in the chest during the VP debates, it would be the most newsworthy event ever. I mean, you could just see that guy stewing in his seat. I wish we could get like a CNN scroll bar that could display the other persons thoughts while they were speaking. It would be a HOOT!

On a side note, I think the Democrats are going overboard. Cheney probably didn't lie about meeting Edwards. Give the guy a break, I know the Democrats want any ammunition they can get, but consider this: Cheney "meets" thousands of people a year, and attends many meetings and events. I can forgive the fact that he forgot, and secondly, maybe he didn't forget. I know that I don't really consider it "meeting" to sit next to someone or thank them for speaking. Meeting is talking to one another. And that is the first time Cheney and Edwards have talked face to face.

I also don't think that Cheney is that bad for supporting the president. This administrations enemies and our former allies already think we are stupid and don't know how to run our country. Its bad enough that the people are divided. If the president and the vice-president were divided, no one would listen to us! Cheney has made the choice to support the president, and I can respect that, because of his position. That's not to say I would do the same thing, but that's the decision he made when he ran with Bush in 2000, and he's not going to change his mind.

Anyway, on to lighter matters:

I had a dream that the T lines were automated, and a car was stopped on the tracks above ground on the green line, and the train stopped short (but in time) and everyone was hurled to the ground. Weird.

Took the T over to the State street station, and walked to my bank to cash a check my father sent me. On the way back, I noticed a T sign (indicating a station) much closer to the bank, so I went in, and it was access to the aquarium station (the stop right after State St.) So I walked down...and down... and down... (three long flights of stairs) until finally I emerged at the far end of the platform, as the outbound train left the station. The people who had just gotten off the train went up the clacking escalators, and I was struck with the awesome realization that I had the entire station to myself! It's very odd to been in a cavern that is actually underneath an underground 10 lane highway (the Big Dig) that is as long as a city block, but be all alone. The place echoed the clack, clack, clacking of the escalators, and I shouted

"This station is empty and abandoned! Except for me!"

It sounds corny, but it was a glorious experience while it lasted.

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John said...

Hey Ezra!
This was definitely the first interesting blog you've posted in a while! Just giving you a hard time. Don't want to sully your reputation.
I definitely think that it looked like Cheney was trying to cast a spell on Edwards the way he was all hunched over and ominous looking the whole time. Freakin' hilarious!
I wish I could have been in that empty subway to experience the loneliness with you but then I guess it wouldn't have been that lonely, eh?
I'm thinking of dropping out of school so I can tour Boston, only not at all. It would be fun though!