Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Sorry Its Been A While

I'm sorry that I haven't posted since friday, but I have been very very busy trying to get my act together, and the fact that my computer is totally suckin' doesn't help me one bit, since I have to update at a lab.

My last class let out about 35 minutes ago, and I've checked all my blogs, my facebook, and my e-mail. So I decided to let you know what I should be doing instead of blithering on at this pointless website!

1. Write out all the content for my 20 page website that is due monday for my Digital Culture Midterm. This includes finding pictures, research, and webdesign. (None of which I can do in my room)

2. Go to the MFA (Museum of Fine Arts) and write the first third of my paper for Visual Arts class, which is due Thursday or Monday, I'm not sure.

3. Read/skim chapters 4-11 in my "Living With Art" Textbook, and study the formal elements of art for our compare/contrast test on thursday.

4. Get some sleep at some point.

Other than that, I'm pretty good. I got a hair cut the other day, and it was the fastest haircut I'd ever received. I gave her a nice tip because I was feeling generous. The haircut cost 14 dollars plus tip. I couldn't believe it.

Yesterday I went to Cold Stone Creamery for the first time (not counting the free-bies I got at the "sneak preview" of the Harrisonburg location) and had a "Gotta Have It" size with half Cake Batter and half Pumpkin, with whipped topping on top. It was SOOOO good I almost wet my pants.

But after I was finished eating, I realized that I felt disgusting, fat, and sick. It's a good thing too, because I won't go there very often. I went with some friends and they tipped the people and those whores didn't sing! I couldn't believe it!

What else happened. OH! This morning I bled profusely. I got out of the shower and went to my room, put on my underwear and I noticed a smear of blood on my leg! I looked for the origin and found that the whole underside of my left forearm was smeared with blood, which was pouring out of a pin sized whole near my elbow.

I quickly grabbed a paper towel and started to clean up the blood, but it wouldn't clot! I put the paper towel over the spot, and the towel became rather blood soaked. Mind you, none of this hurt, but it was really starting to freak me out. So I grabbed a new paper towel, and since I had no ace bandage, I duct taped the paper towel tightly over my arm to stop the bloodflow.

Now that the crisis was temporarily solved, I looked around and noticed that their was blood on my towel from when I dried off, and there were two large drops of blood on my desk, and as I walked back towards the bathroom I found at least two more drops of blood on the ground (I cleaned them up as best I could).

I'm fine now. The duct tape tourneqet (sp?) worked fine, but now I have to wash my towels, too.

What else... Oh! The reason I didn't go to the health center was becuase I had to be in the broadcast studio by 8:45am to moniter GME when it came up. They aired the second package I have edited for them, on the "Head of the Charles Reggatta" which was here this weekend. So, yea! I'm an editor!

Then I went to visual arts class for review before our mid-term. But guess what? Our teacher decided not to show up, and cancelled the review! I couldn't believe it! I imagined him at home sipping a coffee thinking "oh man! I'm so funny! I made those morons get up for no reason!" It was greatly funny to me.

But anyway, I am going to try and eat better, I have decided never to get pizza unless it is absolutely nessicery (like, I have to go, NOW) and I have started to think more about the assemblige of items on my plate and being more balanced. I put on some weight this summer sitting at a desk all the time and eating Denny's, and I want to be "thin and gorgeous" by the time spring rolls around. I'm proud of myself because I now mix this orange/mango flavored water (it's sugar free, calorie free, etc) with Sierra Mist or Mt. Dew, providing a very great flavor-taste at half the calories! When I first got here, I used to get two 8 ounce cups of soda with each meal. Now I am effectively only having 4ounces, since I'm mixing! But I still need to cut out consption outside of class. IE my room.

Well, I think this post helped to fill you guys in a little bit--oh!

Yeah, so one other thing. I was worried about doing my home teaching for church because we have five women to teach, and I'm very busy. So you know what the Lord went and did? He said, "Ezra, you not only can do that, but you can be assistant home teaching coordinator!" So yeah. Now I've got even more responsibility. But I guess I must be able to do it. It's really not that much more work, but it also means since I'm going to be calling everyone up asking for their home teaching, I have to be an example and get mine done.

Thy will be done, I suppose. ;)

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John said...

Did you go to Cold Stone during the afternoon? When I worked there it was dead during the day. We always sang if someone tipped though. Unacceptable!
Good luck with all the work you need to get done. And stop bleeding. Don't mix drinks. A curse on both your houses!...I mean, bye!