Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I'm Sorry to My Friends, But If I Hold a Differing Opinion, You're Probably Not Going to Like It.

I just want to apologize in advance for all the backlash I am sure to get for calling Kerry supporters "shortsighted fools"; Bush supporters "stupid sheep"; and calling Socialists and Communists just plain "stupid".

But I want to point out that this doesn't mean I respect the sheep, the fools or the stupid people any less. I just ademently dissagree with them, and I'm sorry that I sometimes use stronger words... but at least I don't scream "cut his mic" like Bill O'Rielly or something.

Please forgive me for being preoccupied with politics. I'm sure after Kerry wins the election on Novemeber 2nd I'll calm down significantly and get back to writing about normal everyday life.

Goodnight everyone.

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dubby said...

Enjoyed the blog. Living in the EU for four months is helping me see a different view. We (ie, the entire country) have ONLY CNN for news here. Everyone hates Bush - no one think he will get a vote and can't understand why anyone would vote for him since Kerry is so wonderful.

I have really come to see more and more as I get older how incredibly powerful the media is. More powerful than the government.

The fact is there are only two choices - Bush or Kerry - because of the media. They won't change. So you either throw away your vote or go for the lesser of the two evils. (Hey - you wanta be a sheep or a fool? They're somewhat interchangeable.)

By the way, we are visiting many of the famous art museums and live three blocks from Rubens home. It is awesome here. We live on a 15th century cobblestone street just down from the house where Ruben's mayor lived.

Hope you are doing well in school. So keep on thinking and studying.