Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Goodmorning Rain!

It's 9:30am, and it has just started to rain. It's only about the third time its rained since I've been here.

Okay, I actually forgot I had started this blog post and have gone to class. I'm back now, and it is now 12:13pm.

Anyway, I am watching a real debate, the third party debate between Libertarian party, Green Party, Constitution Party, and Socialist party filmed on 10/6/04. It is awesome. They are taking real, unscreened questions from the audience. Try that, Bush and Kerry.

The hearing on the civil complaint against the CPD and ASU by the Libertarian party has just ended, and I am anxiously waiting for what has been decided by the judge.

I'm sooo excited.

Talk more later!

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